It's a long back since I have started this blog, but never really dedicated myself to it. I always have my excuses for the procrastinations over the period of 5 years on every aspects of maintaining a webblog.

Initially when I started this site, I was a huge fan of Drupal and had configured the site in drupal 6, hosted on some shared hosted. I never migrated to D7 when it came. Wrote very few posts over this huge span of time.

In 2015, I have learned Ruby on Rails and developed-launched a...

30 November, 2016

It was a part of new year resolution - to learn two languages in 2015. One, I started learning German in Duolingo - couldn't master that, but at least I have started. Two, Ruby on Rails (well, technically it's a framework, but Ruby being the language, made it to the list).
So while learning, I took this project to built a webapp (later to be coupled with a mobile app too), to manage personal finance. It was mainly to replace my own personal finance excel sheet I was maintaining. I...

17 November, 2015

I haven't explored the possibilities of HTML5 Canvas element much till now. Recently only I started playing with it and I must say - it amazing. Well, I had seen various web apps made with the 'canvas' - like in 10K Competition etc. But now only I am exploring the various options it got. And while learning the basics of animations in canvas, I have created a dynamic Matrix effect.

Below some of the code are explained.

(Please, don't mind the special characters in the matrix...

13 February, 2013

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vim (or vi) editor is one of the most popular editor and used by many. Even in the times of advanced GUI based IDEs like eclipse, vi is highly preferred by Unix/Linux users. And this is because of the power vi possesses. This small article is only about few commands in vi for editing multiple files at once.

Please note, all commands in vi editor must be executed in command mode, but not in insert/edit mode. Please 'esc' before executing the below mentioned vi commands.

1. To open...

17 August, 2012

When compiling custom Kernel or initrd, its easier to create a bootable ISO image using mkisofs command.
But its a bit tricky to create a similar disk image for USB which can be burnt into any USB drive later or can shared.
Below is 'a way' to create a bootable USB disk image which uses GRUB bootloader.

(I have used CentOS 5 as root user for creating the image.)

Please refer to unix man pages for specific commands. (e.g. man mkisofs)

Step 1: Creating the image
Using 'dd'...

01 August, 2012

Firefox - is a very powerful browser with lots of features. Here's a list of some important and useful features.

  • Short alias for bookmarked sites.

In the bookmark Right Click Properties menu, Keyword field is for short aliases.
For example, for a Facebook bookmark, set keyword as fb. Next just type fb in address bar and hit enter and it'll open up Facebook.
When opening bookmarked sites frequently, this feature comes very handy.

  • Tab Groups

Creating Tab Groups is again a very...

09 February, 2012