30 November, 2016 Pankaj

It's a long back since I have started this blog, but never really dedicated myself to it. I always have my excuses for the procrastinations over the period of 5 years on every aspects of maintaining a webblog.

Initially when I started this site, I was a huge fan of Drupal and had configured the site in drupal 6, hosted on some shared hosted. I never migrated to D7 when it came. Wrote very few posts over this huge span of time.

In 2015, I have learned Ruby on Rails and developed-launched a personal finance manager webapp - The Finsight. After that I have started to refresh this website using RoR. Took me 2 months to get this site running in RoR using various other UI frameworks and libraries (Bootstrap being the UI backbone).
But in the mean time, before I could realize, my shared hosting account got expired and was beyond recovery (unless paying for the whole year, which I didn't want to). So I was ready with my site, but without any contents. I had 7/8 blog entries previously, which later I was able to recover from internet archives.

Now this site is running on my personally managed VPS, with my own code, inside out. :)
(Used the same commenting service - Disqus, but seems few links are broken now.)

As usual, have quite a few ideas and plans to keep this page updated regularly. Lets see how far this goes.


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