17 November, 2015 Pankaj

It was a part of new year resolution - to learn two languages in 2015. One, I started learning German in Duolingo - couldn't master that, but at least I have started. Two, Ruby on Rails (well, technically it's a framework, but Ruby being the language, made it to the list).
So while learning, I took this project to built a webapp (later to be coupled with a mobile app too), to manage personal finance. It was mainly to replace my own personal finance excel sheet I was maintaining. I didn't really thought I would be hosting this with an URL. Localhost was all in my mind while starting.
Most of the features here are also result of some experiments, for example - there are 2/3 JS libraries used to charting - just to try out various flavors.
Cron job to generate notifications as user defined frequency, export to PDF or xls, send emails from the system (though gmail marks them as spam), various types of charts, playing with various options in Bootstrap framework - overall, this app was my playground for my experiments. Some came out fine, some didn't.
Whatever it is, after 4 months of work, I have decided to make it public and here it is. Below are few details ...


The Finsight is an application to keep track of your personal financial transactions. It's a ledger of all your Credit and Debits.


Because we normally don't keep close eye to our budgets. With the help of such personal finance application, it'd be very much easier to maintain a clean track of the incomes and expenses, which would in turn help in identifying the weak spots and loopholes personal budgets.
Also all the financial data can be visualized with various charts and graphs generated in the application.


There you go : http://www.thefinsight.com


Just create an account and login into The Finsight and start adding Income & Expense records.
Default categories will be provided for all transaction which can be modified to one's need.

Release Version : v0.1 Feature

  • Option to add Expense, Income and Investment transactions.
  • Add/Modify/Delete various categories.
  • Tag expenses
  • Set monthly Category based Budgets(or Limits).
  • Add Reminders on transactions with various recurring options (daily, monthly etc).
  • Notifications based on the Reminders.
  • View data in various charts and graphs generated on numerous parameters.
  • Export data into PDF and/or Excel sheets.
  • View data in various customizable filters. *Manually Adjust Balance Sheet for each month.
  • Option to view data aggregated - Monthly, yearly or life time.
  • (beta features) Report Issues or Request Features.

Technologies used:

  • Ruby on Rails 4
  • Bootstrap 3
  • jQuery, ChartJS etc.
  • Lots of Ruby gems for various purposes.
  • Ubuntu+Nginx for hosting on Digital Ocean VPS.

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Tags: RoR, finsight