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The Finsight - an personal finance management webapp

It was a part of new year resolution - to learn two languages in 2015. One, I started learning German in Duolingo - couldn't master that, but...

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HTML5 Canvas : Matrix Effect

I haven't explored the possibilities of HTML5 Canvas element much till now. Recently only I started playing with it and I must say - it...

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Creating Bootable USB Image with GRUB

When compiling custom Kernel or initrd, its easier to create a bootable ISO image using mkisofs command.
But its a bit tricky to create a similar...

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Firefox Useful Features, Tricks and Shorcuts

Firefox - is a very powerful browser with lots of features. Here's a list of some important and useful features.

  • Short alias for bookmarked...
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Editing multiple files in vi editor

vim (or vi) editor is one of the most popular editor and used by many. Even in the times of advanced GUI based IDEs like eclipse, vi is highly...

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